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Our NHS commissioned prescription services

Connect is an industry-leading service independent of product manufacturers. We provide a centralised prescribing model focused on delivering better patient outcomes while managing costs and time for the NHS.
Nottinghamshire Appliance Management Service (NAMS) 0800 085 3745

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5 Star Review of (NAMS) Prescription Service

“Andrew was friendly and welcoming. He listened quietly to everything I said. He did not interrupt me at all. When I had finished talking, he saved his opinion and the situation. He asked my opinion on everything and included me in everything he suggested. He spoke openly and honestly and he was very knowledgeable and informative. I was very impressed by my visit to NAMS.

Nothing was apprehensive about my visit to NAMS and it was the first time I had been to see them. Over the years I have seen other stoma nurses both at home and at the hospital and I had never been very impressed. This time I was very impressed. I did not feel ‘talked down to’. I felt involved in my care.”

– Patient review, 22nd February 2023