Care Principles and Values

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Connect is committed to supporting service users so that they can continue their lives with dignity and independence. This includes Clinical Respect which is our promise to deliver excellence in patient care while helping achieve best value in prescribing.


The nurse recognises your right to be left alone, undisturbed and free from intrusion and public attention.

Confidentiality of Information

Your rights to confidentiality will be safeguarded. The nurse will not disclose any personal information about you to a third party unless this has been agreed with you. Agreement to disclose information should only be sought if it is for your benefit, e.g. for the purpose of assisting in your support.

Fulfilment of Aspirations

Your social, emotional, cultural, political and sexual needs are accepted and respected.


You will be fully involved in and fully informed with respect to the individual assessment of your clinical needs.

Personal Choice

You will be fully involved in your treatment plan ensuring that you are central to all decisions being made. We respect and encourage your right to independence in your care and choice of products.

Clinical Reviews

These may be undertaken where necessary or upon your request.

Services Information

You will be fully informed about the services we provide.