NAMS March Newsletter

Welcome to NAMS March Newsletter


As we approach April we are heading towards Easter.  Easter signals the coming of spring – warmer weather and more sunshine. It often encourages people to get out the house and involved in Easter egg hunts or visits to friends and family. If you have any photos of your Easter activities, we would love you to send them to us, so we can feature them in our next newsletter.

Stoma clinics

Did you know we have clinics in 3 locations across Nottinghamshire?

The clinics are held on Monday afternoons in the Education Centre at Kingsmill Hospital, Mansfield.  Tuesday afternoons at The Old Library Building, Memorial Avenue, Worksop. And Monday -Saturday at NAMS, Unit 1, Phoenix Centre, Millennium Way West, Nottingham. In addition to these clinics, we can organise review by video or for those of you less mobile we can visit you are home

If you would like to see one of our Stoma Nurses please call us at NAMS on 0800 085 3745. 

Online ordering

Did you know that you are able to request your medication directly from your personal health record?

If you have access to the internet and would like to know more about this, then please ask our coordinators when you next call in.

Stoma support groups

Would you like to be in touch with other individuals who may have shared the same experiences as you? The following groups all welcome new members and contact details are below;

Colostomy UK; Support – Colostomy UK – Supporting and empowering you

Ileostomy association We are strong – Ileostomy & Internal Pouch Association

Urostomy association. The Urostomy Association – Support & Information for patients and carers

Connect Prescription Services Website

We will be posting live information on the service phone-lines on the website. There’s information on how to order your prescriptions, frequently asked questions, and some useful contacts. The link to access this is below;

Ways to Order

In addition to telephoning in your order you can also email your prescription when it is due. Simply confirm your details (Name, DOB, address) and the items required. We will process the request and respond to your email with confirmation of receipt. Please forward your request to;

Please be aware, if you are planning a holiday, to order your supplies within plenty of time.

Busy times on the phone lines

Our busy periods on the phone lines tend to be Monday all day.

Our quietest times on the phones tend to be our extended hours between 17.00-20.00 Monday and Wednesday and Saturday mornings between 09.00-13.00.

Bank Holiday Closed Dates 2023

7th April 2023

10th April 2023

1st May 2023

8th May 2023

29th May 2023

28th August 2023

25th Dec 2023

26th Dec 2023