LAMS Newsletter June 2021


Welcome to your June Newsletter

The 5th July is the 73rd birthday of the commencement our fantastic NHS.  We would like to wish all our colleagues and friends a very happy birthday.

Meet the team

The month of June has brought about many changes in the team, this time in the management and coordinator team.

We would like to welcome Olivia Parratt to our team as the new Prescriptions Services Manager.  Olivia brings to the role 11 years of management experience within a GP surgery. Olivia lives in Derbyshire with her grown up children and Great Dane Puppy. In her spare time she likes to read but is also trying to challenge herself so in the last 5 years has completed the Great North run and a tandem skydive. Olivia is very much looking forward to getting to know the patients and building relationships to ensure we are exceeding all service expectations. 

Olivia will be taking over from Zara Ahmed who will be transitioning to another role of Clinical Services Strategic Administrator. We are thrilled that Zara will be continuing to work closely alongside the Prescription Services team and we would like to thank Zara for her dedication and hard work over the last 3 years.

We would also like to thank Dylan Bird for his hard work and service in the Coordinator team over the last 11 months, he has enjoyed getting to know you all over the phone during his time with Prescription Services, however, he is now transitioning into a new role in the Sales Team.  He is a valued member of the team and we would like to wish him luck in his new adventure.

With Dylan’s departure we would like to welcome Beverly Tusa, who will be joining the team in July, as a Coordinator.  We look forward to introducing her properly in our next newsletter.


Call Quality Survey

Some of you may be aware that when you call into our service after you have spoken to our coordinators you will be directed to an automated 2 question survey on the quality of service you have received.  This is invaluable for our team to monitor the satisfaction of our patients and to identify areas we need to develop.  We would be grateful if whenever possible you would remain on the call to answer these.



We are delighted to announce we now have new service available to help us communicate with any limited English speakers. LanguageLine interpretation comes in many formats, telephone, video for video consultations, face-to-face and British Sign Language. If you feel you would benefit from an interpreter, please let the prescription coordinator know and we will arrange this for all future ordering calls and appointments.


Connect Prescription Services Website

Connect Prescription Services announced the launch of our new website in the March newsletter. This can be accessed via the following link: –

We will be posting live information on the service phone-lines on the website. There’s information on how to order your prescriptions, frequently asked questions and some useful contacts.

Ways to Order & Reminder Calls

With the aim of improving and running a more efficient service, NAMS are now in the process of moving towards providing an outbound call service. This would involve members of the prescription coordinator team calling you at an agreed time, before your order is due, effectively acting as a reminder service. We will be offering this service on your next call. We hope this will reduce the queue and wait time on the phone for any queries and also reduce the risk of you running out of products. Please be aware, if you are planning a holiday to order your supplies within plenty of time.

You can also email your prescription when it is due. Simply confirm your details (Name, DOB, address) and the items required. We will process the request and respond to your email with confirmation of receipt.

Please forward your request to

Our busy periods on the phone lines tend to be Monday all day and the first and third Wednesday afternoon of each month.  Tuesdays after a bank holiday are also very busy and wait times on the phone may be slightly longer.


Bank holiday closed dates 2021

Monday 30th August 2021

Saturday 25th December 2021

Monday 27th December 2021

Tuesday 28th December 2021

Monday 3rd January 2022