HAPS Newsletter Dec 2020


Dear all,

This year has been one of uncertainty, however, we have worked hard to maintain and improve the service provided by Connect Prescription Services. There have been lots of improvements made in response to COVID-19 and your feedback.

We are pleased to announce the following improvements:

Electronic Prescribing

In April, we were granted permission to use the electronic prescribing system which has improved the safe and speed at which your prescriptions are delivered. We can confidently say that over 95% of the prescriptions we issue will reach the chosen dispenser on the same day as the order is placed.

Accessibility to the service

Accessibility to the different parts service was identified as a problem for some people. In response to this we have improved how and when you can access the service. From 4th January 2021 our opening hours are changing. On Mondays and Wednesdays access to the telephone lines will be extended to 8am-8pm, and Saturday mornings from 9am-1pm. In addition to ordering by telephone, you have the option to order online or by using a smartphone app. For more information on this please ask when you next place your order.

New phone system

Our telephone service was another area of improvement that was identified. In September, we implemented a new telephone system. The new system has several features you have asked for including an estimated call wait time and the option to go straight to leave a message if the waiting time is too long. We have also added a 2 question survey at the end of each call, so that we can obtain feedback on the quality of the calls taken and identify areas for further improvement. We would be grateful if you could take part and assist the service in being the best it possibly can be for everyone.

Staff training

Areas of staff training and knowledge were also identified. The feedback from new phone system will help us to identify any gaps in knowledge which we can address individually and in group sessions. On the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month between 10am and 12pm we will close the phone lines to deliver training to our team.


We are continuously looking for ways in which we can improve our service. We welcome feedback in order for us to achieve this. You can share you experiencing of the service by visiting https://www.iwantgreatcare.org/hospitals/nams-prescription-service/. Alternatively, you can speak to our team by calling 0800 521 740 or emailing us on connectservices.feedback@nhs.net .

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a safe and healthy festive period and 2021.